Saturday, April 5, 2008

Baby News!

Tonight Snuggles was bound and determined to "get the ball," even if it meant crawling!!!

I missed seeing the first time, since he was back in his big brothers room with daddy... Hubby then brought him out to the living room to show me:

Aahh! I'm not ready for this, even if he is!


  1. How exciting - now look out world!

  2. OH MAMA....are you ready for! He looks so happy that he got the ball!

  3. So fun. I always felt a little mean moving their toys back to get them to walk. But motivation is everything! :-)

  4. I love his little feet and hands, so cute!! What a honey! I loved his baby fast they grow! Look out is right!

  5. That grunting! Such hard work! He is so adorable!
    I know what you mean about not being ready for it! When they get mobile that is when you have to look out!

  6. OMGSH I VOTE THIS AS THEEEE CUTEST VIDEO EVER!!!!! He is so so so ADORABLE!! Oh and np on helping you out with the camera..I know with your brains you woulda figured it out anyways...eventually lol. Im so glad..because look at all the beautiful and AWSOMELY CUTE pictures youve been posting! I LOVE IT!! Those are going to be hard to compete with/.....but you should go cheack out my picture Im posting right now.....! lol LOVE YOU!

  7. Uh oh once he gets going there will be no stopping him. But this is exciting, wait til he starts walking...

  8. he really IS determined lol.
    Btw, I love the pictures above!! Thyre all so cute!
    Your camera takes goood pictures :)


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