Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Shower of Photos :: Day 30

As I mentioned earlier, today I went shopping for clothing!! I really should have been home packing--but, oh well! We had fun... All six of us!

Now, since I had all 5 kids with me, I bought more than I should have, and now I need to decide just which I should keep and which should go back... Maybe you can help me decide!

For those of you that don't know me personally, I generally wear skirts all the time. Occasionally when I am home or exercising, you will see me in sweats... But I don't wear jeans or slacks. This was a Lenten sacrifice I did a few years back, for a special intention, after reading this totally inspiring book, and it stuck. Don't you love it when that happens?

Anyhow, lately I have been feeling slightly frumpy, and nothing has been fitting right... It was time for a trip to my favorite (when I'm not pregnant!) store!

Whenever I am on a mission to find something, I usually strike out. However, today was my lucky day! I found a whole bunch of darling outfits that fit, and to top it off, I even convinced the sales lady to dig out an additional 30% off coupon for me to use! Gotta love it!! (Follow Dave Ramsey's advice, and ALWAYS ASK for a discount!! You will be amazed at the discounts you will receive!)

Alright, here is what I came home with.

Outfit 1:
White Wrap Front V-Neck with 3/4 sleeves
White Tank for under shirt
Light Blue and White skirt ~ Size 8

Isn't it cute??

Outfit 2:
White Cardigan (the sleeves hit my elbow.)
(use tank from above under, or other white tank)
SUPER CUTE Green Skirt IN A SIZE 6 (It MUST be labeled wrong!)

This was my favorite skirt... And not just because of the size!

Outfit 3:
Antique Brown Linen Pintuck Skirt ~ Size 8
White Tee

This one actually doesn't look that cute in the photo, but my hubby really liked it.

Outfit 4:
Black Wrap Front V-Neck with 3/4 sleeves
(white tank from above for under)
Denim Skirt (Size 10??)

I thought this was cute, but my hubby doesn't like the skirt. I think this will be the one I take back, but it is really comfortable...

I also got the white cardigan above in the light blue too. I just love the cardigan. It came in Black and Brown too, but the white and blue will be great for Spring and Summer!

So-- what do you think? Which should I keep?

Sorry to end the Shower of Photos with clothes... But I didn't have a chance to take any fun pictures today! Hope you all had a wonderful day!! Good night!


  1. I love them all! It's nice to see your style! If you have to pick, I love the first 2 and the one with the light blue top. But they are all nice. size 8? Why are you trying to lose weight?

    Have a wonderful trip!
    So did you get these all at Eddie Bauer?

  2. That green skirt is gorgeous! Love the blue one too, but I'm afraid I agree with your hubby the denim is rather dull...

  3. OK... I think the denim skirt is going back... and maybe the Brown Linen one.

    Yes, Jamie, all of this was from Eddie Bauer. I love some of their clothes, and it is usually very comfortable.

    As for losing weight, I can't stand weighing more than hubby!! This last pregnancy, at the end, I was 30 pounds more than him!! Eeekk!! I am now a couple pounds less, but still up almost 20 pounds from when we got married. If I could lose another 15, that would be a healthy weight for me, and I would probably still be a size 6-8.

    OK... I am leaving in a couple hours, and even though I was up most of the night, I still need to pack!!

    Bye :)

  4. The denim is very practical, but it depends if you have another. If you do, then definitely the green and blue are so great for spring and summer!

  5. I love Eddie Bauer!!!! But the one in Eugene is no longer. ☻

  6. I like them all!!! You have great taste!
    I hope you got this post before you leave. Have a great trip! Hope you have tons of fun and relaxation ;)

  7. I've enjoyed your photos and your blog. I wear jeans in winter but when it warms up I prefer skirts to shorts (or capris, which look ridiculous on me). I'd keep the super cute green skirt / white cardigan, the antique brown linen skirt / white T, and the denim one with the blue cardigan.

  8. I like the denim skirt it's really cute. Its hard to come by longer denim skirts. I'm not crazy about the brown one though. But the others are really cute.

  9. I really liked the denim! Very cute. All the clothes were nice. I think you should keep them all! Have fun.

  10. Funny....I pick the one you are going to take back! The black shirt and blue jeans. I like the brown skirt also! I am more down to earth running the the kids kind of style. Fun to see your choices.

    I read your sister's poem. Made me cry too!

  11. You have probably already returned what you didn't want, but I wanted to say that I love them all. Super cute. I LOVE Eddie Bauer. Back in the day when my mom used to take me shopping all the time, Eddie knew us very well!
    I would have a hard time deciding what to take back too. But I think you were right about the denim one. You have some really cute ones already, don't you? And that green and blue on are completely beautiful.

  12. Ok, next time I want to go shopping with you!

    I'm with Jamie - personally, I would love to be a size 8 again!!!

  13. Love it all! Thank you so much for sharing! I too read that book, and it's pretty much skirts for me, with the same exceptions. God Bless!


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