Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April Shower of Photos :: Day 29

I just love it when I walk out to the living room to find things like this:

They were reading a couple of Spanish dictionary's just for fun!

This shot is blurry, but I just thought it was so cute:

"Mom!! STOP taking pictures of us!!!!"

Oh alright! They are ready for the April Shower of Photos to be over...
Just one more day!


  1. Ha Ha! Sounds like something my kids would say!

  2. That sounds like me when my mom takes unexpected pictures of me. ;)

  3. I love it when they read on their own, with out being told! Love the pics!

  4. They are cutie-pies! Those are precious moments to capture.

  5. Precious to see bairns who enjoy learning!

  6. Lol how cute! I love your kids so much! It was nice seeing you today! Thnaks for the lift home =D. Have a good trip!
    I love the pictures!


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