Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I DIDN'T gain anything this week!!! In fact, I actually lost a whole HALF of a pound. Yippee for me! Actually, this really isn't all that bad, considering last Wednesday I was already down 3 pounds after having the flu... Plus, I REALLY blew it this weekend... Hubby got home Friday night, and we went out for Prawn Fajitas, Saturday morning my sweet Auntie treated me to a pedicure (I love my toes right now!) and Red Robin for lunch (bad, bad, bad...yet, OH so GOOD!!), Saturday night we went to a birthday party, and unlike Regina (who was good and ordered salad), I had delicious Tuscon pizza and cake, and Sunday there was even MORE cake! So, let's see if I can do better this next week--I really need to add in a bit of exercise! To see what everyone else lost this past week, visit Regina (who is down 3.6 pounds...WAY TO GO REGINA!!!).

Anyhow, I HAVE been making progress with my decluttering... Today, I loaded up the back of the van (for the third time this week), and made yet another drop at Goodwill. I am starting to feel a little less claustrophobic!! Currently Hubby and I are "Hashing it out!" and trying to determine just how the rooms in our home should be used... It is actually
quite fun! I am loving our decluttered Master Bedroom!! It is quite peaceful now... I will try and post some pictures soon. SO, how are you all doing?


  1. Not good. Prayers would be appreciated! Illness has me down when I was already feeling a little blue. Thanks for asking!

  2. You'll be in my prayers Matilda! Hang in there!!!


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