Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WoW ~ Week 3

It's Wednesday already. My goals last week were to eat well (as in healthy food choices), drink more water, and exercise at least 3 times. Instead of exercising 3 times, I had pizza 3 times... Oops! Other than that not so little slip up, and the delicious mint Hershey kisses I had on St. Pat's day, I did great and drank more water, though still not enough. Regina did so much better! Way to go Regina!!!

Even though I didn't actually exercise, cleaning house has got to count!!! I am SO SORE!! How many calories do you think you burn as you are scrubbing tile and windows? My neighbor thought I was crazy when she looked out her window yesterday and saw me on a ladder cleaning some of our outside windows. Anyhow, I am coming to realize that it will not be possible to finish all that cleaning by tonight, but I am hoping to get a good bit more done today, if I can stand up that is.

I was sort of disappointed when I weighed this morning. Yesterday I was down a pound more than today. But nevertheless, I am still down one more pound from last week. The exciting thing is, that I am now a half of a pound less than I weighed pre-pregnancy with Snuggles! Yeah!! (I did get down a few more pounds during that first trimester with Snuggles, but that doesn't count since it was since I was so sick.) Now I just need to lose the weight I gained during the two previous pregnancy's. It may take awhile at this rate!

  • Week three progress: -1
  • Overall progress: -2.5

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