Friday, March 7, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

What a great age! Turning sixteen is such a magical birthday, second only to twenty one. How I looked forward to reaching sixteen and being able to drive – a milestone year for sure. It is a year that brings much to look forward to.

Well, today is my dear twin sister's 16th Birthdays!

Happy Birthday JoAnn and Mary!!

It seems like just yesterday you were turning "seven on the seventh" and getting ready to be flower girls for our wedding! They were (and still are) SOOO cute and sweet!

(My little sisters were the cutest flowers girls! Left to Right: JoAnn, Julianna and Mary)

You both mean a lot to me, and I am proud of you both!! I love you both so MUCH and hope you have a wonderful 16th birthday!!!

Here's a couple songs for you girls today!!! See you at the rink! :)


  1. AWWWW Jessica! I love you! Thank you so much =D that was rly sweet of you =oD. Cant wait to see you and Everyone at iceskating today!!!
    love you!
    <3 maryyyyy

  2. I remember going to the hospital when they were born! Sure loved them!

  3. Jessica
    This is amazing, to find someone else who is married etc with sixteen year old sisters!!!
    I'm the eldest of eight, (not 12) my sib's were hsed, not me:( and I'm 36 and my sister has just turned 16! (writes like your Mary:)

    Happy Birthday Girls from Australia:)

  4. Thanks Jesss so much!!
    I love the picture :)
    And i COMPLETELY remember when i turned 7 on The SEVENTH! haha. Best day of my life hehe.


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