Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning ~ The Laundry Room

Today I tackled the laundry room. This room was actually our one and only bathroom/utility room before we added on to our home. It desperately needs to be remodeled, but was cut out of the budget along with our kitchen when we added on a couple years ago. Someday it will get done, but today I just needed to worry about getting it cleaned up.

Look at these photos taken this morning:

I currently use this bathroom as a laundry room... And since I like to hang dry a lot of clothing, I use the shower stall to do so. (That's why you see clothing in there.)

I cleaned everything, including scrubbing the walls, and when hubby got home, he even moved the washer and dryer so we could clean under and behind them. The room actually looks SO MUCH BETTER!

**I don't like dead animals on the wall... But when hubby wanted to hang his fish in the school room, we compromised and it got hung in the laundry room. Also, this was our only shower for 5 years and 3 babies--we had no bath tub at all!!! I use to set up a nursery baby bath inside the shower that I found at a boutique. I am so thankful for our addition!

Our Washer & Dryer are of the stackable variety, and I am thinking of stacking them once again to make room for a second refrigerator. What do you think? I originally unstacked them so I could have the boys help with changing over the laundry...

Anyhow, there is a little bit of today's progress. Hope you had a very productive day too!

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  1. I'd stack them if you really need a second fridge. You made me laugh with the dead animal thing. My dh kept his grandfather's fish in his office break room. Then he remodeled it, so I don't know where the fish went.


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