Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spelling Time

We have a subscription to Spelling Time that my boys just love. It's really great since I can customize each weeks lesson to match the words we are working on in our Seton spellers.

Today Twinkle Toes came up to me and said:
Momma, can I do Spelling Time, 'cause it's not really hard ?

It's like, "Shirt. c-o-p-h-i. Shirt!"

See, Momma, it's easy!

Can I please do it?

Sounds like she is ready to start, or at least willing! :)

As I was logging in to Spelling time, I heard her saying to herself, "Clothes. c-o-p-h-m. Clothes." Followed by, "I'm ready momma!"


  1. Thanks for the link--I think this spelling program will be a hit with my dd8, and I hadn't heard of it before!


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