Friday, March 28, 2008


in MARCH???

This is such a change from the other day!


  1. I hope it stays down there...I don't want it. Brrrrr.....

  2. Oh great...there's literally white stuff falling from the sky now. Argh!

  3. It's awful! How many snowfalls was that for us this year? We usually get one good one, maybe two. And I think we have had four or five?

  4. Oh, come on, if you think you are going to get me to feel sorry for you, you are wrong.

    I might feel a little sorry for you since you are not used to it...maybe.

  5. OH that was so awsome!!! Even though the roads werent tooo great...I love also hailed here for like 20 minutes straight! It was so awsome!


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