Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday!!!

So far today we:
  • Attended an early (7am) Palm Sunday Mass
  • Went out to Breakfast at Marie Calendars
  • Lit Candle in Prayer Corner
  • Made Palm Crosses
  • Burned Last years Palms
  • Read story and colored pictures for Jesus Tree
  • Placed Symbol on our Jesus Tree
  • Did our Lenten Calendar activities
  • Enjoyed the beautiful weather outside

Still to do:
  • Palm Procession while singing "All Glory Laud & Honor"
  • Place Palms in place of honor
  • Finish the last of the Jesus Tree Symbols to post tonight (sorry, it's taking so long!)
  • Make a Spring Cleaning list of things that need to be done the next 3 days
  • Finalize plans for Holy Week
  • Watch movie with hubby (It's SUNDAY!)
  • Get lots of rest so I can be ready to start that cleaning tomorrow!

Things to remember for next year:

Possibly make this Palm Banner... It is so neat!
Add some sort of Fig/Date dish to our Menu, since today is also known as "Fig Sunday."

Hope your all having a wonderful day too! I'd love to hear what you did with your family!


  1. Jessica! We were just having a conversation about this! When you burn the palm, is there something special you are supposed to do? We have heard different ideas about what yo do with last years palms! Help!

  2. We burn the palms, and then sprinkle them around the yard (or garden if you have one). Another option is to bury the palms. I hope this helps!

  3. If you need help watching the kids this weekend so you can spring clean and do everything else you need to do let me know since I will be up there this weekend.

  4. I almost used this graphic for my Palm Sunday post, but it was too big! Happy Palm Sunday!

  5. Jessica,
    Thanks for the historical info on these 3days. While I won't be beating any rugs, I will definitely be busy for these three days.
    A Blessed Easter to you & yours.

  6. What a busy day! Good for you guys.


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