Monday, March 31, 2008

Out Like A Lamb

Today was not only the last day of March--which did indeed go "out like a lamb" after a week of totally crazy weather including snow!--but also the Solemnity Feast of the Annunciation! The Annunciation is usually celebrated on March 25th, but since it fell during Holy Week this year, it was transferred to today.

We had our afternoon snack & craft time this afternoon in honor of the Annunciation.

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord,
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord,
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

  • The Annunciation from Mary: The Mother of Jesus
  • March 25th ~ Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Saints for Young People Vol 1 (our book is out of print, here is the new edition)

Throw in the kids actual schoolwork, chores, meals, and a trip to town all together it made for quite the busy Monday. However, it was a great day none the less... Hope yours was lovely as well!


  1. Oh, Jessica! You out did yourself! Your kids must be happy as a lamb....or is it a lark...? pardon the pun..hehee
    dunno, but anyway what a great and busy day you had! May God Bless you with sleep tonight;)

    Thanks for the links!

  2. We did "out like a lion" and hopefully "in like a lamb" tomorrow! Since it snowed like 7 inches here!

  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate this great feast day. I need to save this post for next year. You're a wonderful inspiration!

  4. It all looked so delicious!

  5. Jessica,

    I am always inspired when I read your posts. I showed my husband this post and said, "wow. she is so good!" Thanks for being so open with your family life. It is refreshing to see/read!

    peace & blessings!

  6. This is my son's birthday...he had his b-day party this past Sun and due to time we bought the cakes already made...that means we already have cake am thinking one or two with his age on it and then the rest can be lamb cupcakes...we shall see...I have been making plans and they have all been falling through :( not sure my boys will eat the doesn't eat sandwhiches at all...

  7. Where did you find your readings?

  8. I'm not sure what happened to the reading links. I've gone back into the post and updated them.


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