Friday, March 14, 2008

"MOM! They are BACK!!!"

"Hurry, get your camera!!!"

Yes... My kiddos were very excited...

We all really enjoyed seeing the lovely photos that some of you have shared of your own backyard birds!

Here are a few pictures of ours:

And one more picture of my own little turkeys:

This was taken right after I caught them chasing the turkeys... :S


  1. My dad used to call me Turkey Face as a child. Nice huh? I can never look at a turkey and not think of that. ha ha

  2. Your girls are so adorable!!! RJ really liked the pictureas of the turkeys. We have them around here too, but haven't seen any lately. Ryan has gotten a couple for Thanksgiving in years past... They are fun to watch.

  3. Oh! You have never looked like a turkey Margaret! That is so funny!

    Thank you Monica!! We (or rather hubby & I) have never tried to catch the turkeys. I much prefer to buying one at the store, all ready to go! :)


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