Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Love of {audio} Books

The kids have been absolutely loving listening to the Chronicles of Narnia! I am so glad that I purchased this unabridged set of audio books last Christmas. The narrators are just wonderful and they have really been capturing my kids attention, as well as my own!

The other day I was informed that they all have new names, and from now on, Captain is Peter, Rascal is Edmund, Twinkle Toes is Susan, Chiquita is Lucy, and Snuggles is, well, Aslan!
(giggle...giggle...giggle...Followed by Twinkle Toes saying, "But I want to be LUCY!")

They all got soooo excited, when I pulled out the actual books for them to look through while listening to Prince Caspian today.

I love reading to the kids myself, and still do everyday, but lately I am finding audio books to be a huge, HUGE help!


  1. We enjoy listening to audio books in the car. In addition to the Chronicles of Narnia, two titles that come to mind are Snow Treasure and Hans Brinker (Recorded Books Classics is responsible for both of them). Recorded Books also has several other titles, including the Peter Rabbit stories.

  2. Thanks so much for the suggestions, Christine!! We have quite a drive to town, and so we listen to lots of audio books in the car too. Due to gas prices the trips have been becoming less and less, and the boys especially haven't been wanting to wait till the next trip to continue the stories!

    I will have to look into the Recorded Books Classics! We have also been loving the audio books by Bethlehem books too! The favorites here have been Enemy Brothers and The Winged Watchman. They are excellent as well!

  3. I LOVE audio books! We do so much talking and reading during the day that it is nice to let someone else do it for awhile, lol. Plus, I think I get the chance to enjoy the stories more too.

  4. We are also in llove with the Narnia audios! The narrator makes ALL the difference IMHO!!

  5. I agree, Meredith, the narrator does make all the difference!

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  7. Twinkle Toes looks cute with pig tails :P


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