Monday, March 3, 2008

The Jesus Tree ~ Week Six

Day 34 ~ The Widow's Mite

Symbol: Two Small Coins
Readings: Mk 12:41-44, Lk 21:1-4
NCPB: (Not included in this picture book... read page 130 from this one.)
Coloring: The Widow's Mite
Just for Fun: Widow's Offering Alphabet soup (pdf), Crossword, Cloze, Spiral, and Word Search

Day 35 ~ Woman Anoints Jesus' Feet
Symbol: Foot
Readings: Lk 7:36-50
NCPB: Page 141
Coloring: Jesus Forgives a Woman
Just for Fun: Jesus Anointed Word Jumble, Crossword, Word Search

Day 36 ~ The Rich Young Man

Symbol: Gate to Heaven
Readings: Mt 19:16-26, Mk 10:17-27, Lk 18:18-27
NCPB: Page 182
Coloring: Rich Young Man
Just for Fun: Wordshape

Day 37 ~ The Mother of James and John
Symbol: Throne
Readings: Mt 20:20-28, Mk 10:35-45
NCPB: Page 185
Coloring: I just can't find an online page for this one!! If any of you can, please leave it in the comments. I am going to have my kids either draw their own, or color a picture of St. James and another of St. John...
Just for Fun: Following Gods Will Maze

Day 38 ~ Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem

Symbol: Palm
Readings: Mt 21:1-16, Mk 11:1-11, Lk 19:29-44
NCPB: Page 189
Coloring: Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem (Update: Palm Sunday)
Just for Fun: Palm Sunday Crossword, Word Jumble, and Word Search

Day 39 ~ Judas Takes 30 Silver Pieces

Symbol: Bag with 30 Coins (a small hole punch works great for making the coins!)
Readings: Mt 26:14-16, Mk 14:10-11, Lk 22:1-6
NCPB: Page 197
Coloring: Judas' Betrayal

Day 40 ~ Jesus Washes Disciples' Feet

Symbol: Washbasin with Pitcher
Readings: Jn 13:1-20
NCPB: Page 191
Coloring: Jesus washes disciples feet or this one
Just for Fun: Crossword, Word Search


  1. You are sooo creative, i just need your energy and creativity and my kids will think they are in fairyland!!!


    Pictures of sons of Zebedaeus. Thanks for your inspiring blog. I did Jesse tree with my kids last yest, they loved it, so now I'll give Jesus tree a try.


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