Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Jesus Tree ~ Week Seven

WAHOO!!!! They are ALL made!!!! All 47 of them!!! I am so excited... and thankful that I decided to blog about it since I am sure that if I hadn't there is NO WAY I would have finished this project this year! I am glad that I did though, my kids are really loving it! If you plan to do a Jesus Tree this next year... START making these NOW! ;)

Day 41 ~ The Last Supper/ Eucharist

Symbol: Chalice w/Bread
Readings: Mt 26:19-29, Mk 14:17-25, Lk 22:14-16
NCPB: Pages 192-195
Coloring: The Last Supper  (Update: The Last Supper)

Day 42 ~ Agony in the Garden / Betrayal

Symbol: Praying Hands
Readings: Mt 26:30-56, Mk 14:32-52, Jn 18:1-12
NCPB: Pages 196-198
Coloring: Jesus Praying in the Garden  (Update: Agony in the Garden)

Day 43 ~ Peter Denies Jesus

Symbol: Rooster Head
Readings: Mt 26:69-75, Mk 14:66-72, Jn 18:14-27
NCPB: Page 199
Coloring: Peter's Denial
Just for Fun: Peter's Confession Word Search

Day 44 ~ Pilate Presents Jesus to the People
Symbol: Red Robe w/Crown
Readings: Mt 27:24-25, Jn 19:4-15
NCPB: Pages 200-203
Coloring: Jesus before Pilate (Update: Jesus is Condemned to Death or Suffered Under Pontius Pilate)

Day 45 ~ Jesus is Crucified

Symbol: Crucifix
Readings: Mt 27:33-56, Mk 15:22-41, Jn 19:17-30
NCPB: Pages 204-209
Coloring: Jesus carries his cross, crucifixion, this one, or this one (Update:  The Crucifixion;  Jesus Dies on the Cross; or Was Crucified, Died)
Just for Fun: Good Friday crossword, word search

Day 46 ~ The Burial of Jesus

Symbol: Draped Cross
Readings: Mt 27:57-66, Mk 23:50-56, Jn 19:38-42
NCPB: Pages 210-211
Coloring: Death of Jesus (Update:  Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross; And Was Buried; or Jesus is laid in the Sepulcher)

Day 47 ~ The Resurrection / Tomb

Symbol: Tomb w/Stone
NCPB: Pages 212-213
Coloring: Resurrection or any of these from (Update: The Third Day he arose from the Dead
Just for Fun: Easter Sunday word jumble, crossword or this one, word search or this one, maze, and this decoder

I just found the information to order the kit:
How to Order: You may contact us by mail at Scripture Trees, P.O. Box 715, Willernie, MN 55090-0715,
by email at, or by phone at 651-426-2174.
Each kit is $10.00 plus shipping.
Make checks payable to Scripture Trees.
Not bad for the patterns and all the felt... Leaflet sells the same kit for $21.00!


  1. Good jog!! They look beautiful! I am still not done, but I still have a few days at least. We are taking this week off from school work for holy week. Maybe I can squeeze a few more in. thanks for posting all of them for me to have something to copy! I would have been lost with out your posts on this, that's for sure.

  2. Jessica,

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting your pictures and scripture readings for this Lenten project!!! My kids and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this together--it has made learning about Lent such a wonderful experience. May God richly bless you and your family!

    Kim in Texas

  3. Oh, my, what a find this is!!! I was doing a google search to find pictures for our Good Friday dinner (based on Alice at Cottage Blessings' Liturgical Tea for Good Friday) when I happened on your site.

    You have a new fan!!!

    I had left our Jesse Tree up for Lent, and put little pictures from the stations of the Cross on it, but what a wonderful idea this is--I will definitely save this series of posts for next year! How talented you are, your symbols are beautiful. I wish I had seen your site 6 weeks ago!! :)


  4. I am so glad I found this! I will be following the scripture reading you suggest starting on Ash Wednesday with my 3.5 year old. I feel this has given me a lot of direction for lent. Thank you.


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