Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's Wednesday!

Can you believe another week has gone by already? Time for my WOW (Weight on Wednesday) check in.

Well, I was fairly good about my food choices this past week, but as far as exercising went, I really didn't do all that much, unless ice skating Friday, ballroom dancing with hubby Friday night, and then cleaning the garage Saturday count--I am still sore! :)

Anyhow, I'm not complaining... I did better than last week! This morning I was down one pound from last Wednesday. This is actually great since you have to burn 3500 calories more than you consume in order to lose one pound in a weeks time.

My goals for this next week are to continue eating well, work on drinking more water, and to exercise at least 3 times.

  • Week two progress: -1
  • Overall progress: -1.5
  • Total Inches lost: 4 *
*This is a combination of 6 measurements, and is very motivating, especially when the actual weight loss is not all that much!

Check out everyone else's progress here.


  1. All of those things you mentioned ARE actually exercising!!! And fun too! I love exercising that doesn't feel like exercise. Way to go!

  2. Me too!!! Now, if I could just get hubby to want to go Ballroom Dancing on a regular basis... It was so much fun! (even with Snuggles in my sling most of the time!) :)

  3. Sounds great to me! Good job losing weight. How fun going ballroom dancing with hubby! Well, for me it sounds like torture. But, I know it would be fun if I knew how to dance. :)

  4. The cool thing was that they had an hour of classes before the dance!!! We got a crash course on the Waltz, the box step, night club two step, swing, and another that I don't remember what it was called! :) It was so much fun!!

    Normally the ballroom has classes on just one type of dance, but since it was their 10th anniversary, they were having a big party including presentations!!


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