Thursday, March 27, 2008

In case you were wondering...

...just what my children were doing last week while I crazily spring cleaned our home for Easter, they did get a little school work done, as well as watch some educational and religious videos since cartoon/movies were off limits for Lent.

The rest of the time, they spent many hours outside staying out of my way and burning off energy enjoying the beginning of Spring!

At one point, while the girls were napping, I thought it was just way too quite out there, so I looked out to see what they were up to. This is what I found:

When hubby got home that night, they asked him, "Daddy, can you get out your chainsaw and cut some more branches for us... We can't find any more!"

And here I was wondering just HOW I picked up Poison Oak!


  1. Oh that's what they were doing. I was sure you had them doing something productive cause that's the good mom that you are! :-)

  2. How wonderful - good for those kids - what great imaginations! They are lucky to have a mom who lets them get dirty and play in the woods!

  3. You just gave my kids some ideas!!

  4. How funny! What kids won't find with their little imaginative minds.


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