Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm going!!! Are you?


If you homeschool and live in the Pacific Northwest, have you heard about the Spring 2008 Northwest Catholic Family Education Conference?

The conference is being held on May 2 & 3, at the Tukwila Community Center. Hubby said I could (and should) go, so I just registered, and I am so excited! This will be the first home school conference that I have ever attended, and I can't wait to be inspired and motivated by all the wonderful speakers!

It looks like the speakers include Laura Berquist, Stephanie Maricich, Lee Binz, Chris and Alison Evan, Fr. Henderson, Fr. Miller, Fr. Nagel, Albert and Bonnie Landry, Camille De Blasi Pauley, Amannda Schneider, and Anne Wilson. Laura Berquist and Stephanie Maricich will even be available for consultations!

My dear friend Trina says that Stephanie is an incredible resource when it comes to living the liturgical year in our homes. I am really looking forward to hearing her presentation!

The list of vendors is being updated regularly and includes:
To register or read more information, visit the Northwest Catholic Family Education Conference website.

I am also looking forward to meeting other home educating mothers! So, will you be there?? I hope to see you at the conference!

(If your out on the east coast... This Conference sounds wonderful too! I wish it wasn't so far away!!)


  1. Oh! You will just LOVE this conference!!! My husband and I went the very first year where we met Albert and Bonnie Landry with wee toddlers (!), and both are fabulous speakers. A huge group of us were otherwise known as the "Canadian connection", even the Landrys...LOL Everyone attendee who speaks, volunteers, runs/owns the booths, or who are just there for the experience are just wonderful. The conference is always terrific!I miss them myself since our move eastward, but happened upon one last year in Michigan which was equally great. Enjoy! Enjoy! And bring lots of cash...wink.

  2. Oh! I really am very excited!!

    I'm looking forward to meeting you Christine!

  3. This sounds so cool...and in my own backyard too (I'm in Olympia)! Not a homeschooling mom, but I pick up plenty of good ideas for use when we are at home. I hope you share the things you learn on the blog. Just loving all your Liturgical Year crafts and activities!

  4. Hi Cici!

    You are close to the conference!! How nice!!

    I'm so glad you enjoy seeing the Liturgical Year activities that I post. I know that if I wasn't able to homeschool I would still want to do these with my kids!

    Have a very blessed Holy Week, and thank you for the comment!

    God Bless!


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