Monday, March 10, 2008

Ice Skating

Last Friday, after Mass and Stations, we met up with a few families from our homeschool group, as well as the birthday girls, to go ice skating! I even got to skate for the first time in YEARS... it seems that in the past, I am always pregnant when we end up at the rink! :)

The boys had a blast as usual, and Chiquita throughly enjoyed being pushed around the ice in the stroller. Hubby even got to take a break from work, and meet us there! We all had such fun! But the coolest thing, was seeing Twinkle Toes ice skate for the first time!!! She was so cute. Since Friday she has been asking me constantly, "Momma, can we go ice skating today? I really like ice skating!!!"

I forgot my camera at home, but thankfully Regina emailed me a few pictures! Thank you Regina!

Twinkle Toes and I had a blast skating together.

And here is a picture of her with Aunt Mary!

I think we will need to plan another trip to the rink soon... or at least once my muscles recover from this last trip!


  1. How cute! Oh, how my kids want to go ice skating, we will have to do that soon.

  2. My kids really do love it!

    Luckily, our rink offers discounts for homeschoolers on Fridays... This makes it a little more affordable. Only $4 for students and under 5 is free!! It would be worth looking into at your own rink.

  3. I'm glad that you guys had fun. I've never been on the ice before. When I was about 7 and my mom and I were at a medical clinic. There was this guy and he had a huge cut on his forehead, because he fell and a girl went by him and she didnt see him next thing he knows he has about a 5 inch slit on his forehead. And that's why I don't ice skate, plus I can't ice skate. :) But its fun to watch. I think I will skate some day, but I'm home all day and I have no one to go with. Maybe if we come up durning the winter sometime we'll go ice skating. :)

  4. That was fun... even though I didn't skate!

  5. What precious pictures! Ice skating sounds like such fun. The drive would be too far for us...maybe we'll find a roller rink. But the outfits are nearly as cute. LOL

    :-) I truly intended to stop by and leave you a message that I tagged you, but I've been a little out of sorts over the last few weeks and now my daughter is sick (AGAIN) with strep today. ugh. Does it ever end??

    Thanks for stopping by and for seeing that I'm a little neurotic! :)


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