Monday, March 3, 2008

Expensive Balloons

So... Saturday was one of our very old good friends birthday!

We all got together and went out for pizza... I couldn't believe it when I found out that they charge $25 for EACH BALLOON that gets loose in there restaurant. Isn't that crazy?!?!

Anyhow, last night I heard hubby tell the kids--after trying to recover the balloons many times for them--"Next time I am going to charge you 25 cents!"

This morning, all 5 of them were on the ceiling in one
room or another... It's a GOOD THING this didn't happen at the restaurant!!!

Well... I am off to the dentist for a filling... Say a prayer for me, shots are my least favorite thing in the world!! sniffle, sniffle...


  1. So... Saturday was one of our very old good friends birthday!


  2. Did I say old???

    Yes, I seem to recall hearing that. Now if I was a mean person I'd talk about the present your Mom gave you for your birthday. But of course I wouldn't do that on a public forum like this :)

  3. Well.. just know that I wouldn't give you such a hard time if you REALLY were old! Honestly, 37, is hardly old, by today's standards anyways.

    And, in case the world wants to see what my dear mom gave me for (turning older) my birthday... They can see for themselves in my "You know your old..." post in the archives on January 17, 2007!

    Looks like I beat you to it! :)

  4. "Honestly, 37, is hardly old, by today's standards anyways"

    You're just trying to make yourself feel better because... it's not that far away :)

  5. Oh!! You caught me!!

    Actually, 7 years IS a long time... Especially when I think that I've had 5 kids in that amount of time!! Woah!! That means I could have TEN by the time I am OLD!!!!!!! Oh MY!


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