Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Easter Vigil

Since I have been married with children, I have not been able to attend the Easter Vigil Mass. Each year I have wanted to, but as a mother to so many little ones, and the Mass being so late, I have not been able to. Maybe someday when the kids are a little older. Anyhow, I was so excited last year, when a friend of ours filmed the Mass. (We don't have any TV reception, so watching EWTN hasn't been an option.) I thought I would share the videos with you all as well, since I was watching them today. OK... Back to coloring eggs with the kids! :)

Highlights of Easter Vigil Mass:

The Litany of the Saints:

Easter Vigil Sermon:


  1. I miss the Easter Vigil too. I did go to it 2 years ago with my dd 2 who was an infant. I hope to go as a family when my dc are older.

  2. Jessica,
    You can watch ETWN live on your computer. You can see the Pope's Vigil Mass, the Vigil Mass from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception,the Pope's Easter message and much more this weekend.And then, you can also watch live coverage of the Pope's visit in April, too. Go to and click on "Multimedia" and then on "Live TV."
    Thanks for linking these videos and the Good Friday one. I've also benefited from your links to homilies.
    Happy Easter!

  3. Thank you SO MUCH Elizabeth!! I am so excited! I just followed those links, and the Easter Vigil Mass is starting! This is SO AMAZING!!!

    Up to just over a year ago we only had a dial-up connection available, so this past year I have been amazed at everything that is available on the computer!! Someone once told me that they tought I could watch EWTN online, but I never could find the actual link. THANK YOU again!



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