Thursday, February 28, 2008


As I sit here eating my--oh so good for me--mixed green salad with walnuts and cranberries, the countdown begins...

The countdown to what??

OH, I'm glad you asked!!

Next Wednesday will be my first WoW check-in.

What is WoW?

Well, it is a group that my dear friend Regina just started, in an attempt to embarrass motivate us into losing some weight! Now, not only am I on a mission to clear the clutter, I am also going to try to get into shape too! Honestly, in my case, I think the two go hand in hand.

The deal is, each Wednesday, a group of us bloggers will post how much weight we have hopefully lost, or gained if that is the case. WoW = Weight on Wednesdays.

From the sounds of it, Regina is working on a button for our sidebars, and we will be enlisting Our Lady of Perpetual Help to be out patron!

I am excited, since I would love to lose a bit of weight before our family trip to Nebraska in May!

So far, the Members of WoW, are as of now:

Regina: Ode to Us

Auntie Nee: No blog, Regina's sister

Amy: Knit Together in Love

Michelle: Rosetta Stone



Now... stayed tuned till next Wednesday to see how much I have gained if I have been able to maintain or lose anymore weight, as I recover from the flu!

Our Lady of Perpetual Help ~ Pray for Us!


  1. that salad sounds really good, but I'm a big salad freak so most salads sound good to me. And good luck with shedding some weight.

  2. aw crap, thanks for the pressure ;)

  3. LOL!
    I am supposed to out with a friend tonight who need a mom break. She wants to go to Outback and get a blooming onion... And we know I have to try this drink a lady from church told me about...
    So, next Wednesday, I bet I gained!!! LOL

  4. Can I join (after a trip to Mexico)? AUNTIE B

  5. Boy your right on top of it today! Glad to see your awake befor 9:00!!!

  6. Not only am I awake... I'm showered, dressed, baby is fed, kids are dressed and eating breakfast, and I'm drinking my smoothie before we leave for Mass!! TT slept in my bed last night and I slept SO MUCH BETTER!!

  7. OH! And I'm in a "laughing mood" too!! :)

  8. GOOOODY!! Have great day!! B

  9. I'm in on WOW, too! I don't think I'll have too much exciting news to report, but I'll try.


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