Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Recap

It was a very busy weekend!

Friday morning, the boys had appointments to get their teeth cleaned, and since we were there, I let the dentist charge me quite a bit extra look in my mouth since I had something (which I thought was a piece of my tooth), fall out a couple days before... It turned out that I need a filling since an old one had fallen out. In addition to that, Captain needs four sealants. At this rate, we really need to get dental insurance!

Then it was on to the grocery store (with all five kids in tow, to get some milk, eggs, bread and other basics), then to Taco Bell for some bean burritos (being a day of abstinence), back home to put away the groceries and wrap a birthday gift, then back to town to meet up with hubby and drop the 4 oldest off for a birthday party, during which hubby and I went to a hockey game!

It happened to be Snuggles first hockey game (post-pregnancy, that is!) and he enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too, however, I think I would have had a better time if I could have focused on the puck! At that point I was starting to feel very sickish! Luckily we were able to sit in the warm fireside room, which was nice and we even ran into my dear midwife who delivered (or rather I delivered and she "caught") all 5 of our kids! Actually she would tell you that hubby caught Rascal... She just helped... Anyhow, I hadn't seen her since Snuggles was born!! Her husband happens to be a die hard hockey fan, too. We are hoping to get together and take the kids ice-skating sometime soon.

After the game, it was back to pick up the kids, and head home. By the time we got home I collapsed on the bed with a 103 degree temp. Hubby took care of everything else, and sometime in the night, I woke up to find ice packs all over me. Isn't it nice, to be taken care of sometimes?

Saturday morning, since hubby had to work, he asked my parents to take the kids for the day (which is a rare treat, although it seems to be getting less rare lately!! Thank you so much MOM!!) so I could finish up a couple more months of my aunt's bookkeeping which HAD TO BE DONE by Monday. It's amazing what you can accomplish with only an infant in the house! I picked up the kids at 5pm and when we got home, all four collapsed on the couch:

I need to send them to Grandma's house more often!

Today consisted of lots of rest and chicken soup. Hubby took the kids to Mass and made me stay home since I was still running a fever.

However, tonight I am starting to feel somewhat back to normal (other than a lingering cough). Thank you all for your prayers!!

Speaking of prayers, last night, as the kids were going to bed, Twinkle Toes came up to me and said, "Momma, I will pway for you, wuv you, and take care of you, o-kay!?"

How could I not get better?!?

Soooo, What did you do this weekend???


  1. Awe....your Husband is so sweet to take care of you like that! I am glad you are feeling better, it is so hard to get back in the swing of things after being sick, it takes me weeks. I am glad you'r feeling better.
    I had a boring weekend, just running errands and catching up on house work...blah

  2. Boring can be good!!! :) I'm the same way, it takes me awhile to get back in the swing of things too, but it will be nice to be able to!

  3. Yuck. Hope you feel better!!!

    Yeah it's been a rough winter for that.

    We spent about $1,000 at the dentist this month due to a chipped tooth and 4 cavities in one little kid's mouth. But be careful on the insurance side of it. My father-in-law has been in the insurance business for years and it's rarely worth it. My husband has a way to figure out if it's worth it...but everytime he's done the math - it hasn't added up. Surprisingly! We just pay cash (our kid's dentist gives us 5%discount for doing that) and then write it off on our taxes. Good luck. It's not a fun thing to pay for.

  4. That may be true, about the Insurance... It looks like we would have to spend more than $1400 per year to make it worth it... However, that may not be too far from a reality! Although, the $1400 in premiums would be pre-tax dollars, which would be nice, seeing as we never have enough medical/dental to be able to write it off. (You can only write of any that is above a certain percent of your income...) Decisions, decisions...

  5. I hope you feel better soon. Three of my children, all of whom have crave candy, recently had 4, 4, and 8 (little) cavities. They now understand when I say, "No, I am not buying any candy. It causes cavities." Fortunately, we do have dental insurance.

  6. Oh NO!! Your poor children! I remember as a child the very first time I went to the dentist and found out that I had 8 cavities!!

  7. Aww...I hope you get better soon. Being sick isn't fun and I of all people should know that lol.

  8. Jessica! I am so sorry you are sick. I hope you truly are better. Fevers are the worst!
    Well you know how my weekend was, lol... actually it ended up pretty good.


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