Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Family

My family has not gotten to be ALL TOGETHER since 2003. Since then, there have been many times that we have gotten together, but someone always seems to be missing. Even though 5 of my siblings still live at home, the four that follow me (Jennifer, Sean, Jamie and Paul) all live in different states (2 of them on the other side of the country), which makes family reunions very difficult. Anyhow, I was recently given some pictures that were taken back in '03 by one of my little sisters. This was pre-digital days for me, and so I was really excited about them... A LOT has changed since then... My little siblings are growing up!! In fact, I am quickly becoming the shortest person in the family. At this point, all my sisters are skinnier taller than me, and I am only taller than my mom and two youngest brothers. Anyhow... I thought I'd take a second and share a few of my favorites:

First, I just love this one. It is of the whole fam. Mom decided to finally hire a photographer and get a family portrait and individual shots for her hallway, and this one was taken by Jamie's husband right afterwards, outside the studio in the rain:

I love the black and white, but here it is another one in color:

And since it was in the folder, here is one of my family... Isn't it sweet? My, are we growing fast!

I love these next couple pictures of the twins and Scott. You can click here to see the three of them now. My have they grown! Scott always has thought he was pretty cool. Well, turns out he really is!! Love ya Scottie!

Here is a picture of my mom with her girls! You know... when my parents got married they thought they wanted 6 kids. Well, turned out God had 6 of each in store for them. Thanks mom and dad for being open to life. You have given us all the greatest gift possible!

Back: Jamie, Mom, Jennifer, Julianna, and Me
Front: The Twins, Mary & JoAnn

You'd never know that my mom has had 12 kids, would ya?

Since I showed you us girls... Here are the 6 boys:

Back: Brian, Paul and Sean
Front: David, Kevin and Scott

As I mentioned before, I was the mean big sister oldest. So here is the youngest. My sweet little brother. He was born the day before my 18th birthday! He is also my God-son!

Actually, here's a quick funny story... Back when Captain was a baby... Hubby and I were walking around a quaint little town nearby, and I was carrying Captain, and Hubby had my little brother (who was just 4 at the time) on his shoulders. This older woman said to hubby, "Oh! Your boys are so darling!" Hubby responded, as he pointed to my brother on his shoulders, "Oh, no, this is actually my brother-in-law!" It was hysterical... You should have seen the look on her face, of total confusion! Gotta love those big families!

OK.. I just LOVE these. This one is of me and Twinkle Toes with my sister Jamie and her daughter. The first granddaughters.

One more of Twinkle Toes and me--hummm, bangs or no bangs??

Can you tell that Twinkle Toes has been spoiled loved since day one:

Well, thanks for letting take a quick little walk down memory lane! Hope you enjoyed it too!


  1. What a great big beautiful family! And... I'm kind of liking the bangs are gorgeous either way! Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Matilda!! You are so sweet. Looking at all these pictures, made me miss my bangs... Getting ready is sure easier without them though!!

  3. I wish I could have such a big family. Its only me and my half sister Christina, who now lives in new jersey. But thats okay cause you guys are like brothers and sisters to me. I can't wait to come up there and spend Easter with you guys.

  4. What blessings you all have!
    You are right your Mother looks all look so close knit and happy. Your parents need a good pat on the back!
    I think the bangs look cute too, but I vote for look...what's the right word..maybe sophisticated? Beautuful to say the least, you and your whole family!

  5. I'm glad you feel that way Juliana!! We are so blessed to have so much family!!

    Thanks Michele! My parents have had their share of trials, especially the past few years, when it comes to all of us kids, but they are such great parents!

  6. I am just so weepy!!! My eyes were all tearing up. Your family is so beautiful! I just adore large families, I wish I had a gaggle of siblings!!
    And your mom and dad, they did such an AWESOME job! Every single one of your siblings (that I have met anyway!) are so great!

  7. Great Pictures, Jessica. I agree with Matilda. I also like the bangs.

  8. So fun to see the pictures! Sure love you all!!!

  9. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing. You are blessed.

  10. Aaaw..ive never seen this post!! haha. Or most of these pictures. Like the one of me, mary and scotty too hottie lol.
    That cracks me up. he hasnt grown outa that phaze yet haha. And *twinkle toes* (lol) looks adorable! hehe.

  11. I did enjoy the walk down memory lane. I especially love the brother-in-law story! :)


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