Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mooovvviiing on...

We have been making very very slow progress on our history time line... That is why I haven't posted about it in awhile. We finally finished reading about the Pilgrims. It seemed to take forever to get through Stories of the Pilgrims. This was a BIG book (240 pages) for my little ones, but the boys really did enjoy it! After that, we all REALLY enjoyed Squanto and The Pilgrims of Plimoth. The boys especially loved that Daddy was able to read Squanto to them, for a change! (I got to listen in, since he was reading a couple chapters out loud to all of us each night--while I would get dinner on the table... This was very helpful!)

We have now moved on to learning about Ben Franklin. Did you know that he was the fifteenth child of seventeen children, and the youngest son (of ten boys) in his family!! Gotta love those big families!!! Anyway, the book we are reading is titled, obviously ;), Benjamin Franklin!!! It is yet another of the wonderful books by Ingri D'Aulaire. They are so great, and really capture all the children's attention, as well as my own!

The boys were excited to be moving on to another book by her, since they just love coloring the black and white pictures illustrated by her husband Edgar d'Aulaire.

The boys would really love to make another history lap book, so, I think we just might do one on Ben... We'll see!

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