Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm SO excited!!!!

It's BUNCO time!!!! If you have ever played Bunco before, you know what fun it is! If you have never played before...ohhhh, what fun you are you missing out on!

Last May I started a Bunco group for myself and 11 other Catholic women! I hosted the first Bunco night, and since then, each of the other women has taken a month to host. I know, for me, it is so nice to get out and get together with my friends once a month. Getting 12 women together is a blast! I come home refreshed and full of new insights into my friends' lives.

We have such a fun group too! Each month the theme seems to be slightly different from the month before... In fact, one month, right after Snuggles was born, I thought I was going to Bunco, and walked in to find a Surprise Baby Shower! I couldn't believe it!!! This month, since it is so close to Valentine's Day, the hostess has decided to have a COUPLES Bunco!!! Hubby is not too sure, but I know he will love it! She is having us all come early for dinner too! (We usually just have appetizers and drinks.) I am really looking forward to a fun night out!


  1. Me too! LOL
    Hubby is just as skeptical. I think all the men are. I think it is hysterical. They should all embrace it, since they can then say they took us out for Valentines day!

  2. You know, Amy, this will provide the guys with a perfect opportunity to concretely set up their "guys night" out, once a month!! They really should do it, they have been talking about it for MONTHS!!

  3. Hubby is so anti-social!! He needs it! He really wants to do Knights of Columbus, but they meet on Mondays and that is the one night of the week he has school, lol. He is doomed to be a hermit.


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