Monday, February 25, 2008

Four Seasons Craft

Our recent spotting of our first bud of spring triggered a conversation about the four seasons. Since Twinkle Toes really enjoyed making the craft on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, I decided to have her make a similar one found in the Little Saints program.

First we read a few picture books, including:
Then, it was on to the craft! First she colored the truck and branches of four trees:

After that, she glued them onto a piece of construction paper and made little balls out of small pieces of tissue paper (brown, green, pink and yellow for each of the various seasons) and glued them onto the trees:

Then she added a few appropriate stickers, and I helped her with labeling the seasons:

**I just noticed I took the picture before having her add apples falling from the fall tree...
You'll just have to imagine them! :)

It is such a fun craft, and quite easy--a definate plus!

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  1. We love doing this one!! I have had my Little Saints for 11 years and we STILL use the great printouts for activities. Have fun :)


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