Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ambitious or Insane?

Since we were in town this morning, I decided to have my dear hairdresser check Chiquita's hair. She actually said that I did a "pretty good" job, and that I am my mother's daughter... That was a complement right? ;)

Anyhow, as we were leaving, there was a little cluster of older women standing by the door. As we filed by, one of them asked, "Are these all yours?" I answered "yes." Then another said, "Wow! They are sure close in age!" I smiled and said, "yes they are." I then opened the door for the kids...

At that point they started talking to each other, as if I couldn't hear, too funny! One said, "She sure is ambitious isn't she?" To which one of the others replied, "Or INSANE!" I chuckled and continued out the door.

So, which is it, am I ambitious or insane?

I personally think that sometimes I can be very ambitious and at other times I am totally somewhat a little bit insane (mainly... after a sleepless night!)

But, regardless of how ambitious or insane I can get, when it comes to my kids, I would just say, "I've been so blessed, and I can't imagine my life without a single one them!"


  1. Well, I would say you are lucky and blessed and everything that is good!!
    If having lots of kids is insane, well then, I don't want to be sane! :)

  2. I get those looks and comments too with just my four! So funny what people think. As if having more than 3 kids, means you are on welfare of something. You are surely ambitious...and I am too but sometimes I'm a little insane too! :-)

  3. I think it is a mixture of both and there is nothing wrong with that.

  4. i would say you are a wee bit insane, but it has nothing to do with your kids!

  5. The next time you hear the outdated hippies use the 'insane' comment. Go up to them and start with the 3 stooges show slapping your face silly and doing the chicken dance around them.

  6. I would go with the chicken dance... definately.


  8. Chicken Dance?? Slapping my face silly?? Hummm... Who's the crazy one??? ;)

    And... My guess is the anonymous comment above, that says "U R TOTALLY NUTS!!!" has GOT TO BE from my Auntie B who has slowly been coming out of lurkdom and just leaves me the sweetest comments! I love you too! :)

  9. I love the picture, and this post reminds me of that Marie Bellet song, "What I wanted to say"...was wait a minute please, what I wanted to say was look closer and you'll see, that they are BEAUTIFUL, and I would not take back a single day, that's what I wanted to say....

    I love Marie Bellet. She has such a way of expressing WHAT I WANTED TO SAY!

  10. They are the insane ones! Don't they know it is probably going to be Catholic homeschoolers with large families that are going to save our social security from going bankrupt! LOL
    The picture is lovely and your children are absolutely beautiful!

    and your Auntie B is sooo sneaky and hilarious

  11. Ohhhhh!!! I guessed right didn't I!!

    That is so funny Trina... After you said that and I reread my post.. I could totally see that now.. too funny! Don't you just LOVE Marie Bellet.. I'm going to pull out my cd's by her and listen to them while we are running around all day today!!

    Very true Michelle. Someone has to contribute to SS!! I live in an area filled with retirees, and I am constantly running into older people with no one left to care for them for one reason or another. I don't want that to happen!!! I want to be surrounded by my Grandkids, and lots of them, when I am older! :)

    The picture was taken last July shortly after Snuggles was born... I love it too!! :)

  12. Wow..wat where you supposed to answer when those ladies asked you that..."naaah, theyre aint mine"
    But yeaa i do agree that you are a little insane...but definetely in the coolest way...especially since you have had some of the cutest little kids in the worlld! I love the picture!! :DD

  13. You are definately very blessed indeed!!! I guess we can all be insane once in a while : )


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