Thursday, January 17, 2008

You know your old...

...when your mom buys you cellulite cream for your birthday! Thank you mom! I do need it, now that I am officially closer to 40 than I am to 20. ;)

Actually, I guess I asked for it back before Christmas, and she remembered. (I hear it works great on stretch marks!) I just couldn't help giving her a hard time!

I really do have the BEST family and the GREATEST friends. I love you all so much! Thank you everyone for making my 30th birthday such a memorable day!

In spite of the early morning power problems, my hubby helped the children make me the sweetest cards. And then, even after he came home early (with one of my favorite coffee drinks, a sweet card and some beautiful flowers), very sick (he caught what I am finally getting over), he and my boys "built me" a cake. I was so excited, and it made me very happy! It has been a few years since I have had a cake on my birthday... And it was perfect!

Unfortunately, since hubby was so sick, our dinner/date plans had to be postponed. We had planned to go on a double date with my friend Trina and her hubby.

(I have been blessed with TWO very dear friends named Trina! One that lives here locally, and one that has moved away, and I miss dearly! I love them both.)

So, after the kids had dinner and and we all had cake, hubby told me that I should still go out with Trina... After talking to Trina on the phone, we decided to meet at 8:30. That way, I could help get the kids to bed before I left, and hubby could get to bed early. I headed into town to meet her at Applebee's. She told me she was going to invite a few others .. But I was not expecting there to be THIRTEEN of US! It was such a surprise! Especially considering we met last minute at 8:30 on a Wednesday night! I had SUCH a great time.

Amy and humble mama (above right photo) were able to make it! Even my mom came, and I was able to hear the dramatic story of my birth once more! (You can see my mom in the following picture, second from the left.) We missed you Regina, I wish tug would have been in town so you could have joined us too!

Well... I have stayed up WAY past my bedtime, so I am off to bed! Thank you all for making my day so special! I'll see you sometime tomorrow, to let you know who won the key hook! Goodnight.


  1. It looks like you had a great birthday. I love celebrating birthdays. Enjoy your 30's. : )

  2. If only I lived closer, I could have come too! So fun! The thing with girls parties are that "if you plan it, they will come!"

  3. Ok, Trina was right, self portraits are great! That picture is wonderful, you both look so lovely!!!!
    And I wish i could have stayed longer, I missed the birth story!

  4. Glad I wasn't there, i would have had to run from the camera the whole time! technically you are just as far from your 20s as your 40s (not closer to them, unless you start counting days but no one does that!)
    oh, special treat. i am actually signed in right now.


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