Friday, January 18, 2008

Compare and Contrast

I just received these pictures in an email from a friend, and thought I would share:

This is the FSSP in a gathering in 2006:

This is the 2008 General Congregation of Jesuits in Rome:

It just amazes me the differences between the various religious orders!


  1. That just breaks my heart :(

  2. When I was doing online research for a monastic vocational video I found that the convents of nuns who had given up their habits were mostly full of old ladies. The orders that retained the habit (and orthodoxy) were vibrant and overflowing with new vocations.

    Keep up the good work Jessica.

  3. Let us pray for the Society of Jesus...There are actually many good young men in this order who pray for its renewal from within. We know one of them personally - he is an extremely holy and intelligent young man, and if he is a sign of the future, then there are good things to come!

  4. That is good to hear Trina! And yes, I should have said that in my post... It is so important to keep them, and ALL priests in our prayers!

  5. Intresting comparison.
    The clothes makes the man, indeed.
    (and the lady, too)
    Dress like a lady and you'll act like a lady. (as a general rule)
    Dress like a priest and you'll act like a priest. (as a general rule)
    By the way did you know that the 5th priest from the left in the front row in the FSSP photo is your brother-in-law?

  6. I THOUGHT it was!! But I wasn't positive. :)


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