Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Loveliness of Planning Fair

Today has been interesting... We woke up to a brown out... NOT good! The last time this happened, it burned up the motor on our refrigerator. Hubby and I quickly unplugged everything in the house, and shut the breakers off, then called the power company.

Before hubby left for work, I ran down to the local bakery and picked up some blueberry muffins... (Unfortunately, I forgot to get a cup of coffee though!) On my way back, I stopped and talked to one of the power company employees, and he said they were still "looking for" the problem.

Anyhow, our power just returned, and I feel connected to the outside world once more! Thank you all for all the sweet birthday comments! They truly are making my day!

Now that the power is on, and we actually got quite a bit of school accomplished this morning, I brewed a nice fresh pot of coffee and am going to head over to enjoy the first Loveliness fair of the year!

This one is all about the Loveliness of Planning! You can check it out over at Plainsong! I'm really looking forward to reading all the posts, and getting some new ideas to help me try to stay on task and organized in this new year, as well as new decade of my life! :)

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  1. Coffee is an absolute necessity! I had to make a run to the store myself today! LOL


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