Monday, January 14, 2008

He likes to move it too...

Snuggles LOVES his bouncy chair... I just had to share a little video clip of him in it. He is going to have the STRONGEST legs, isn't he? He is a very "physically fit" baby! (This actually might explain his drop in weight on the growth chart... you think?)

Anyhow, his bouncing reminds us of that song as well... In the clip, I just played the beginning of the song, and left out all the junk. Sorry for all the silence the second half of the video.

Along the same lines, I was at Barnes & Noble last week, just me and the baby... He was asleep when we got there, so I just carried in his whole infant car seat. I sat it down as I was browsing through the Christmas Clearance items. A few minutes later I noticed a girl staring at the seat, as it seemed to be rocking itself! Snuggles was inside, pumping his legs and making it rock! I've never seen a baby move a chair like he can... It's too funny!


  1. So cute! My kids loved their bouncy chairs. If only they could invent a device for moms so we can exercise like that! That would be way fun!

  2. Snuggles is just adorable. He reminds me of my youngest Hannah who was also very fit ( and still is at age 7).

    God Bless, Kathy

  3. hahaha...thats soooo funny! Maaann, he is gonna be a pretty strong boy!

  4. omgsh!!! thats the coolest video ever! I simply adore Snuggles!!! love the name as well! (as i do all ur awsome adorble children!)
    <3 mary murff.

  5. You need to send that video to america's funniest home videos.


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