Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Surprise

Not only did I receive a TON of packages from FedEx today, a couple more arrived with the mail, one for me, which contained some DVD's that I have been wanting to watch for some much needed inspiration and motivation, and one for the boys!

The boys were SO excited!

You should have seen their faces, and heard their excitement when they opened the box and found these:

A couple WWII Style Bomber Jackets!
(**The tan patch is for a Velcro name plate, which I removed for the photo.)

Aren't they cool! They LOVE them!

Check out the zippers too... with little airplanes! Aren't those darling!

Thank you to my dear cousin Juliana and Aunt Alice! You two have been spoiling us!


  1. Yes, packages are such fun to receive!

  2. Those coats are completly to die for! They look so cute!!

    And packages... have you ever seen The Music Man? They sing that song about the Wells Fargo wagon... I swear that suns through my head every time I see the Ups man coming up my walk. It must be a great job, to be the UPS or Fed-ex guy... to be so loved!


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