Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This morning we woke up to...


This a rarity here. We usually get a few snow days each winter, but they usually don't arrive till January. It actually started snowing yesterday, Christmas Day, and continued through the night! The sun came out this morning for awhile and melted some of it, but it is snowing once again, and we are expecting more the next few days! I love the snow... There wasn't much, but the kids had a blast playing in it just the same!

My hubby took these pictures for me, since I shouldn't to be outside with this cough, and he knows how I love pictures. Wasn't that sweet of him?


  1. So beautiful, Merry White Christmas dear lady, and I do hope you are feeling better soon :) Love,
    Meredith and the Sweetness Family!

  2. These are such beautiful pictures of your house!


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