Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Noah's Ark ...

The kids loved putting together the Noah's Ark Collage and looking through a wonderful book about Noah's ark the other day after reading the bible story for our Jesse Tree.

Afterwards, I decided to give Trina's suggestion a try, and have the kids act out the bible story... Captain, wasn't sure he wanted to--he is definitely the shy one of the bunch, but I told them if they did a short play for me, I would let them have a treat of some sort.

Now, they had listened to Strengthened by God at least twice already this week, so they had a definite idea of what they were "suppose to say" in their play.

It went as follows:

Rascal: Uh, er, uh, er (while drilling into the table ark)
Captain: Actually, I don't want to...
Rascal: But you have to, come on!
Captain: No... Ooohh! OK... Noah, Noah, Noah!
Rascal: Who's there?
Captain: It's your Lord God speaking.
Rascal: Then you say, "Noah, I have more work for you."
Captain: No, not "more" MUCH!
Rascal: What?
Captain: Build me an Ark! 40 cubics wide and forty cubics tall.
Rascal: What for? Why?
Twinkle Toes pipes in with her cute little voice: He's gonna bring a FLOOD! You need to get all the animals!
Rascal: OH! I forgot to get the animals.
Captain: Wait.. I have more work for you! You need to collect animals for the ark.
Rascal: But where do I put them?
Captain: Put 2 of each animal in the ark. Chiquita, can you go get some animals?
Twinkle Toes: We need pretend animals.
(Here Rascal & Chiquita run back to the bedrooms and grab a handful each of stuffed animals.)
Rascal: I got some, but I only have one monkey. Chiquita can be the other monkey.
(This is said as Chiquita is trying to escape with the monkey.)
OK. I'll put the animals on the table... It's the ark.
*It starts to get a bit chaotic in the room.
Captain: QUIET! I'm trying to think... don't put the animals on the ark yet, I didn't tell you to yet.
Rascal: Yes you did!
Twinkle Toes: You need to say that there will never be a flood again...
Rascal: And that I lived to be 50 YEARS old! Or something...
(I guess 50 is old to my little ones.)

There "play" was quite interesting... Much more so than it sounds in writing! We will have to try this again. Thanks for the idea Trina!

Anyways, the kids wanted me to post pictures of their artwork! Enjoy :-)

Captain ~ Age 7

Rascal ~ Age 5

Twinkle Toes ~ Age 4

Chiquita ~ Age 2

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  1. We have read this dialogue three times now and laughed each time. It is so cute! The pictures are great too. Now my kids want to do the collage.


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