Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nativity Lapbook & Craft Pictures

Right before Christmas I posted a couple links with directions for making a Nativity lap book and a cute creative Nativity craft.

We finished ours, and they turned out so lovely that I thought I would take a second and share a few pictures! We are still in the Christmas season in case any of you want to make one as well!

Here is our finished Nativity. It was so much fun to make, and was really quite simple! I only used supplies I had on hand, since I have been sick and the weather has been quite frightful, so it turned out a little different than Meredith's. Thank you so much Meredith for sharing your idea! If any of you want to make one, go visit her awesome blog, Sweetness and Light, for the directions!

The lap books were quite basic and simple as well, and the children really enjoyed making them.

Here is Captains:
Front Cover

Inside View
Includes Coloring book on lower left corner, and Christmas Story on lower right corner.

Back Cover
They made a star using a circle and triangles cut from construction paper. We also added some nativity stickers I had leftover from last Christmas. (We used these on our Christ Candle as well, which we have been enjoying since Christmas!)

And here is the inside view of Rascals:

Twinkle Toes made one as well, but it looks like I missed getting a picture of it...

Well, I am off to HELP with dinner! :) Hubby is making tri-tip and I am going to make hot spiced wine for our toast to St. John's love!

Plus, a certain someone keeps asking what is for dessert on his patron Saint day!! I better get busy! But before I sign off,

"I drink you the love of St. John."


  1. Great lapbook. I love it.

  2. I LOVE how your nativity turned out, great idea with the popsicle sticks, you are much more creative than I my dear :) The lapbook is on my list of things for next year, it's wonderful!! I sure hope you're feeling better, I think we're finally on the mend! Love,


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