Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Gingerbread Babies

The little ones had a blast last night when we, finally, put together our gingerbread house! Actually, it was already put together for us, all we had to do was decorate it... Does that still count? Maybe when the kids are a bit older I will actually attempt to make it from scratch. But for now, I LOVE kits!

I had planned to let them have at it weeks ago... but, first it was the flu, then colds, and in the meantime hubby was working late... soooo, I just kept putting it off. Now the kids are all better (even if I am still a bit sick) and hubby will be home for the next two weeks, and with Christmas a couple days away, it was high time to build our gingerbread house!

Captain was set on the design and directed everyone where to put the candy. And after all their munching, there was still plenty of candy to put on the house!

Just look at those smiles!

We also read Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett which they all enjoyed, and then, for a bit of online fun, I let them continue decorating here!


  1. Looks like fun! My kids loved the whole experience too. If you do try to make one yourself, I have a recipe for it if you would like it! Love and Hugs and Merry Christmas! :-)

  2. How sweet! My little one enjoyed the Jan Brett house on line.


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