Friday, December 14, 2007

I just checked my email...

... and I WON!!!!

I can't believe it!

I am SO excited!

We had such a busy day yesterday with our Santa Lucia Celebration, our Winter Christmas Storytime, Snuggles first food and then Chiquita getting sick that I totally forgot about the Book Walk... that is, until last night when I was reading Cay's blog. Then it took me a few minutes to think about whether it was Thursday or Friday and how much of a time difference there was between where we live and CT... Anyways, I realized I had about 7 minutes left to enter, so I sent my entry in at the last second!

The book that I won is an autographed copy of For the Love of Literature by Maureen Wittmann. I have been meaning to order it, so this is SUCH a TREAT! I can't wait to read it. Hop on over and read Cay's review! (You'll want a copy too!)

Thank you so much Cay!

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