Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

My little ones are "nestled all snug in their beds"... and I just finished the preparations for our St. Nicholas Feast Day Celebration in the morning! Before I head off to bed, I thought I would share a few pictures with you!

My hubby and I started a tradition with our kids, of giving them new slippers every year for the feast of St. Nicholas. My kids love it and REALLY look forward to it. I always have such fun picking out the slippers... Aren't those Pink Boots darling?!?

This year I decided to start a new tradition of giving them a Christmas Book as well to add to our collection. With 5 kids, we will have quite the collection in no time... All the books I choose for this year are from Cay Gibson's Catholic Mosaic book list. Thank you Cay for all the wonderful books you have introduced us to! The titles pictured above are: The Miracle of St. Nicholas; The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey; The Legend of the Poinsettia; A Small Miracle; and Saint Nicholas.

Our table is set ready for breakfast! I did end up making the Candy Cane Coffee Cake, and it looks so yummy! I can't wait till morning! I have a little Saint Nicholas statue that my sister Julianna painted for us about 6 years ago, it's so cute, and I pull it out every year! Normally, I place the kids bags of coins with their note from St. Nick in their new slippers but, with the fire going I was afraid they would melt :-) So they ended up on their plates... I don't think they will mind!

Other decorations around our home include:

Our Nativity set... Or the beginnings of it any ways. As Advent progresses and we get closer and closer to Christmas we will be adding to it. At this point, it is pretty bare :)

Here is our Advent Wreath and our Tree. This year I ended up just picking up a wreath at Costco instead of making our own. I think it looks pretty though! Our mantle is aglow with a lovely strand of white and silver garland Christmas lights that I bought at the last St. Vincent Auction we went to with some friends. And our tree is super TALL! I LOVE it! The boys went with daddy, Aunt Bridget & Uncle Shawn to cut it down in the mountains. We will decorate it closer to Christmas.

Here is a picture of Daddy putting together our Advent Calendar last Saturday night! The kids were VERY captivated!

Chiquita and Twinkle Toes were the first 2 to open the boxes!

One last decoration I'll share is our candles in the window. Teresa Zepeda, in her book Celebrating the Faith in the Home, describes the tradition as follows:

"This simple touch has both symbolic and historical significance. It symbolizes that, unlike the inn at Bethlehem, we do have room in our homes and hearts for the coming Christ. And it also calls to mind that throughout history great sacrifices have been required of God's faithful people. During the persecutions in Ireland following the Reformation, fugitive priests would travel from house to house offering Mass in the night. Every Irish family deeply wished to be honored with a priest's visit on Christmas eve, and the candles in the window were a secret welcome to any priest who might be near. The doors were left unlocked so the priest could enter silently and wake the family. The lighted candles and unlocked doors were explained to the English authorities as symbols of welcome to Jesus, Mary & Joseph, who allowed it as "harmless superstition.""

And being Irish myself, I can't pass up this Irish Tradition! Now... If only we could get a priest to stop by and say Mass Christmas Eve... How cool would that be!?


  1. Beautiful celebration!!! I love your blog. St. Therese is my favourite saint!!! We just had a baby girl and we named her Maria Therese Rose. I think you might have seen it on my blog : )

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful, memorable time! Don't you love these opportunities to grow in our Faith while also having a great time?!

    I love your plates too!
    Happy St. Nick's to Shower of Roses from Merry Menagerie!

  3. Here I am again to ask a favor of you! Please tell Amy at Knit Together with Love...CONGRATULATIONS!!! on their new baby! (for some reason my computer will not let me leave a comment tonight)

    Sorry such a weird comment, but I just HAD to tell her congrats and I know you are personal friends!


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