Monday, December 31, 2007

Hand Made Gifts

The girls just LOVE the little kitchen they received for Christmas. They are playing with it constantly! And I just love how darling it looks set up in their room. :)

Before Christmas, I was noticing how many other bloggers were either making all their gifts by hand, or purchasing handmade items only... I so wish I could be talented patient enough to make my children gifts! But since I had my mind set on the little kitchen set for the girls, I knew that there was no way that I would be able to take the "Handmade Pledge." HOWEVER... MAYBE, I could make SOMETHING to go WITH the kitchen...

There are so many creative women online, and I was amazed to see what they had been making! Could I possibly make something?

My dear friend Regina called me one night, and told me to take a look at some felt food she saw online. It was REALLY cute! Plus, I have worked with felt before, and it doesn't intimidate me like fabric and yarn does! :)

So... I pulled out some felt, a pair of scissors and then searched the house for a needle. (I really wish I would have learned to sew as a child!) Anyways, here are a few pictures:

I started with making a couple eggs. These were VERY easy, and a good place to start! The other day, Captain came up to me and asked me for a couple plastic Easter eggs to put them into, so they could "crack them" into the frying pan Grandma gave the girls.

Then I tried making some Strawberries. Here are a few of them:

My mom said I should add some french knots, at least thats what I think she called them? To make it look like they have little seeds on them... We'll See, maybe I will since last night when some friends were over, Sugar asked if they were chili peppers. :)

Then I got started on some sugar cookies. I worked on stitching seed beeds to pink and blue fabric for the icing, and then stitched that to some off white felt, added a bit of filling and stitched another piece of felt to the bottom. Does that look like a cookie?

Now, I didn't get near as much accomplished as I had hoped to... In fact I am still working on finishing the cookies... and they didn't turn out very good, but my girls loved them just the same. And I actually enjoyed giving it a shot!

Speaking of kitchen stuff, last night we had my Aunt Bridget, Uncle Shawn, and some friends over for dinner and games. (Aunt Bridget gave me the game Catch Phrase as a gift, and it is a BLAST! We played girls against guys, and us girls won every round :) We also played Apples to Apples and Sequence.)

Anyways, all of our guests came stocked with even more cooking supplies for our family! My Aunt & Uncle gave us a Road Trip Grill with an accessory Griddle!! We are so excited, and can hardly wait till next summer to go camping! (This will be a HUGE improvement over trying to feed our growing family with a single burner that attaches to the top of a propane bottle!) They also gave these darling mini pans to the kids, there are 2 of each, and can actually go into the oven! They LOVE them! Thank you Aunt Bridget & Uncle Shawn... You always spoil us WAY too much!

Then, Regina surprised the girls with some darling sweets! Check these out, they are so cute!

OK, OK! Before I go, the boys are looking over my shoulder, telling me I "HAVE TO" post a picture of what my little brother made for them out of some PVC pipe! They are such BOYS! :)

It is handmade! :)


  1. I loved your sugar cookie! And what a great idea they had for the eggs! Good job!

    Oh, and my oldest son would like instructions for the pipe gun if it isn't too much trouble. Maybe your little brother could guest blog a tutorial!

  2. FYI, french knots are what is on the top of the pink/white cupcake. They are (obviously) much bigger done in yarn and I am not very good at them so they don't look that great on that cupcake but that is what they are.
    i think your sugar cookies are awesome. that regina gal sure looks talented. i bet her talents make her husband jealous :)

  3. oops, the pink/light brown cupcake has the knots

  4. Oh what a cute idea the felt food is. If you need any help with sewing when we come up let me know.

  5. Great toys for the kids; looks like they are really enjoying them. The sugar cookie is so cute!

    Regina, your cupcakes are darling!

  6. Jessica,

    Your food was great! (so was Regina's!) You have to remember that Sugar grew up in the land of chile peppers. :) I think they were great strawberries.


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