Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cute Christmas Quotes

While running down the hallway... Rascal paused, looked inside daddy and mommas messy room (with wrapping paper all over the place!) and said, "WOW!! Santa sure did get in there!"

(This was funny, since my boys don't "believe" in Santa. The kids all know well, the story of St. Nicholas, and they receive little notes and gifts from him on his feast day. They also know that the gifts under the tree are from their parents, friends and relatives. One year when Captain was little, I said something about "Santa," and he said to me, "Mom, There isn't a "real" santa, Uncle David (my little brother, who is a mere 4 years older than Captain) told me!" Yet, every Christmas morning, the magic of it all makes them forget all about that, and he is real once again... Because, "Mom & Dad MUST have had help with all this!" I love it!)


Daddy set up little Christmas Trees and lights in each of the kids bedrooms after the kids went to bed Christmas Eve. Below the tree in the girls room he set up the nativity given to Twinkle Toes by her Godmother. While I was gathering the kids to leave for Christmas Mass I couldn't find Chiquita. I went back to their bedroom and there she was standing in front of the nativity making a snoring sound. I tiptoed in far enough to see in front of her, and could see all the nativity figures laying on the ground, the angel was even laying on the roof. Then all of a sudden she stopped snoring and said, "GOOD MORNING, Merry Christmas!!!"
(You just had to be there, it was so cute!)


Captain was VERY excited to wake up to the small trees that were set up in their bedrooms. He said, "St. Nicholas must have heard that daddy wanted to get us trees! It's a Christmas present for daddy!"

And, while I'm at it, here is another recent quote from Captain:

Captain: Mom, I'm glad that I'm home-schooled.
Mom: How come?
Captain: Well, because Jesus was home-schooled!


Chiquita was so excited about all the gifts under the tree. While I was preparing breakfast, after Mass, she was busy looking at all the wrapped gifts, anxiously awaiting opening them. All of a sudden, she stood up, walked over to me and said, "Momma, watch me read!" She then ran over to the tree again, bent over a gift and while pointing to the words on the tag read To "Captain" "My present!"


  1. I love the idea of having a small tree in the kids' rooms! I bet they loved it. Did you guys get any SLEEP though? Oh yeah, Santa doesn't sleep on Christmas eve.

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Those are too cute! Thanks for sending the link again.


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