Friday, December 14, 2007

Baby News - First Food!

Snuggles really enjoyed eating his "first food" last night, fed to him by daddy and his big sister (TT)! He will be 6 months old next week, and was really ready for food. It was so cute!

However, after dinner, Chiquita got sick... I think it is the flu, but it could have been from too many sweets... Needless to say it was a long night, and we ended up just moving the toddler bed into the bathroom for her, after cleaning up many messes. I stayed home with the girls and Snuggles this morning and hubby took the boys to serve Mass and Benediction. Please say a prayer that she gets better quickly, and that this flu moves through our family fast!!


  1. and a prayer that none of the kids she was around yesterday gets sick.

  2. I know! I'm so sorry!! She had no prior signs! I hope your kids didn't catch it!

  3. Oh poor sweetie and I too hope no one else gets it if she's indeed sick :( Oh and CONGRATS on the book walk win, I'm jealous!!


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