Thursday, December 6, 2007

And what a feast it was!

The children were up bright and early this morning... They scurried down the hall and were VERY excited to find their new slippers, books, and gold coins, in addition to the special breakfast. In fact, it was early enough for Daddy to read a brief story of St. Nicholas before leaving for work!


I just had to draw your attention to this little portion, of the above picture, that I cropped out.

Isn't it precious!?!

Now, if only the others could pay such close attention!

Rascal enjoyed showing Snuggles... (Hubby really didn't like Peanut, and this name is very fitting -- sorry for the change!)... his new book from St. Nick.

The day ended up being filled with activities... Lots of crafts, books, and even a trip to the library so we could check out some more books off the Christmas Mosaic book list. The kids are just devouring them! I feel a tinny bit guilty walking out of the library with all most of the Christmas books! Oh!! While we were at the library I reserved one of their conference rooms. I want to put together a Winter Christmas Storytime like Dawn did! I think it would be such fun. Now I just need to round up some friends!

Now... I must get my self to bed. I don't do well without sleep, and last night it was 3AM before I collapsed got into bed... I'm wondering if it is time to start giving Snuggles solids... He has been wanting to eat all night long. He just fell asleep, so I'm off! Goodnight and God Bless!

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