Thursday, November 1, 2007

We have a winner, or THREE!

The results are in on our pumpkin carving entires! Last year, Hubby and Captain entered a pumpkin they did "together," and they won first place... This year they carved their own pumpkins and each came home with first place in their categories!! Rascal's pumpkin came in second place in his category. (He was in the same category as Captain)

Honestly, I was quite surprised that hubby placed at all! He did make a few revisions to his pumpkin before the competition. (See the picture below.) I think the changes helped quite a bit. Our pastor walked over to the "Adult Carved" table, took one look at "Bernini Columns" and said, "Your husband carved that one didn't he?" Who else would come up with Bernini's Columns?

1st place ~ Adult carved Pumpkins
Carved by Hubby

1st place ~ 8 & Under, Kid Carved, Non-Original Drawing
Carved by Captain

2nd place ~ 8 & Under, Kid Carved, Non-Original Drawing
Carved by Rascal

You can view a couple other pumpkins that placed over at Regina's blog: Mary and First Communion. They were pretty cool as well! I really thought Tug should have won for his carving of Mother Teresa, but then again I thought mine was pretty good too ;-) Maybe next year!


  1. Great Job, you guys
    All 3 of you
    How could they possibly fail to WIN?

    Proud Grandma

  2. These are incredible!

    Coincedentlity, just last night I was googling catholic pumpkin images for ideas.

    I had made a monstrance in years past
    and am excited to try something new.

    Thanks Jessica, as always, for GREAT ideas and inspiration.


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