Saturday, November 10, 2007

To An Altar Boy

With 2 (almost 3) uncles that are priests, the boys have always wanted to serve Mass as altar boys. We have been blessed with a wonderful retired priest in our area that has allowed my husband to teach our boys to serve Mass at a young age. The boys are able to serve together most Fridays for both Mass and Benediction. "Captain" was allowed to start serving at the age of 5. "Rascal" COULD NOT WAIT to turn 5 so he could begin serving Mass with his older brother. He turned 5 this year and has started serving. Grandpa saw a recent picture of the boys serving Mass at the cemetery for the feast of All Souls and sent a sweet little letter to Rascal with a beautiful holy card (just as he had done for Captain when he began serving). The poem on the back, by St. John Berchman, is so beautiful, I just had to share it! Thank you Grandpa!

To an Altar Boy

To be Christ's page at the altar,
To serve Him freely there,
Where even the angels falter,
Bowed low in reverent prayer.

To touch the throne most holy,
To hand the gifts for the feast,
To see Him meekly, lowly,
Descend at the word of the priest.

To hear man's poor petition,
To sound the silver bell,
When He in sweet submission,
Comes down with us to dwell.

No grander mission surely
Could saints or men enjoy;
No heart should love more purely,
Than yours, my altar boy.

God bless you, lad, forever,
And keep you in His care,
And guard you that you never
Belie the robes you wear.

For white bespeaks untainted
A heart both tried and true;
And red tells love the sainted
And holy martyrs knew.

Throughout life, then, endeavor
God's graces to employ;
And be in heart forever
A holy altar boy.

St. John Berchman, Patron of Altar Boys
Pray for us!

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  1. 2020-12-02

    I received a Holy Card with this beautiful poem on it back in the 1950s when I served Mass. I've always treasured it. I wonder how many priests today even know about this. It should make a difference to anyone who reads it.


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