Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The School Room ~ Revisited

I posted last summer about organizing and setting up our school room.

That arrangement was working alright for awhile... However, once we added a table to the middle of the room, it made it feel so cramped and cluttered. And who wants to spend much time in a cramped and cluttered room?

So, I decided, since we spend so much time in here, this is where I would start with my house organizing... Now, 2 days later, I am wishing I would have chosen a quicker project. :)

I started with a trip to the store. The objective being to purchase a few more Rubbermaid drawers for the closet, some magazine holders, spray paint, and an inexpensive bookshelf.

One of the challenges with home schooling is finding room for ALL of our books! We have very few bookshelves, and plus, my biggest one has open ends so everything slides out the sides if you take a book off of it... It is very frustrating. Hubby says, "You just need to stop buying books." I say, "We just need another bookshelf!" I love books...

So... back to the store. We, the kids and I, found the things we were looking for including a bookshelf that was only $28.99! So we headed up to the checkout with a full cart. At the check out I realize that I had left my wallet in the car... AArrgghh! So, I go to take the car seat off the cart, knock over the Rubbermaid container on top, which falls on top of Rascal, as everyone turns to stare at the crazy lady shopping with 5 little ones! I must have been quite a sight!

Nevertheless, we made it home. I then proceeded to put together the bookshelf. Which turned out to be not quite as easy as it sounded... And my thumb is still trying to recover from all the times it happened to be in the hammers way. Once that was done, I pulled out the spray paint.

The open ended bookshelf I mentioned is, or rather was, primary colors of blue, red, yellow & white. It has always bugged me. I guess I like more natural (earthy) colors. So I picked up a can of primer and a can of hunter green paint. It said it would cover 25 square feet... that should be enough right? Well, 25 sq feet equals practically nothing when it comes to spray paint. I now have a red, blue, yellow, white, blotching primer with a green corner bookshelf. It looks lovely! I have added another 10 cans of spray paint to my next shopping list!

Today went much better than yesterday, other than the fact that I woke up completely sore. (Moving furniture is quite the workout!) The bookshelves have been filled--I will deal with the paint another day--and the furniture has all been rearranged. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I will be able to snap a few pictures of our school room. The kids are liking it better already. When the girls were done playing dress up they pulled out a number of puzzles and sat around on our open school room floor putting them together, while the boys colored. It is quite cozy.

Well, I'm off to get some sleep... Goodnight!

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