Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Tree of Thanksgiving

Making our Thankful Tree yesterday was such fun! First the boys headed outside to find a few branches to use and while the girls gathered rocks to fill the vase with. In the meantime I printed off this leaf template and set out the watercolors and paintbrushes. The kids didn't waste any time getting started! :)

They were all very focused on painting the leaves.

Captain was especially concerned with making sure he used fall colors, and lots of them.

After the leaves had dried, they all told me the different things they are thankful for, while I wrote them down. We didn't have enough leaves for all the things for which we are thankful!! Then we taped hung the leaves on our "tree". It turned out great!

Thank you again Meredith for the idea!


  1. It's delightful, I'm so thankful for YOU in sharing our tree with your dear family!! Blessings!

  2. Thanks for sharing the wonderful idea! So inspiring...I posted about it on my blog. Love ya! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

  3. This is beautiful... Thanks for posting pictures!


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