Saturday, November 24, 2007

Our Thanksgiving

We had a great time at Tug & Regina's for Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for having us over! We had so much fun, that I never even got my camera out! Can you believe that?

Tug deep fried the turkey and it was delicious, just like last year! Regina's sweet potatoes were super yummy! And I ate WAY too many rolls!

The adults had fun playing euchre and sequence. Regina & I winning each round!! I'm not competitive, by the way. ;)

The kids each made oreo and pine cone turkeys that turned out so cute! Regina & I ended up helping the kids with the pine cone turkeys since the feathers needed a bit of hot glue to stay put...

The pine cones came from our very own backyard. I had bought some at Michael's while forgetting the fact that we live amidst many pine trees... Silly me. I came home and hubby said, "You didn't actually BUY pine cones did you!" I replied, "Uuuummmm.... Ooopppss! Yep, I did... I'll take them back!"

After all the pokes from the pine cones, I am now wondering if store bought pine cones are less poky than the wild ones? :)

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