Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jamestown Freebies

The boys just finished studying Jamestown, Captain John Smith and Pocahontas. As I mentioned a couple days ago, I was searching online for a few resources for them to use in making a lap book for their final presentation, just like they had made for Columbus. I was getting so frustrated wasn't having very good luck finding lap booking materials, for Jamestown, that didn't need to be purchased. (If anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way.) However, I did find a number of other cool things for them to do to help reinforce what they had learned. I thought I would share them here in case they can be of use to any of you.

First, I played let the boys play this great Jamestown Adventure Game over at History Globe!

The year is 1607. You are the captain of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia in this Flash-based historical simulation. Will your colony survive and prosper or will it become another "Lost Colony"?

The boys both really enjoyed playing this, and they keep asking to play again. The results can even be printed out if you so choose. We added these to their notebooks.

I also ran across this link for a free Jamestown QuadPack of Resources. At this site, the boys listened to a short story about Captain John Smith while they colored the provided maps to add to their notebooks as well.

Both of those previous sites were neat, but I would have to say, the most enjoyment came from building this Jamestown Replica. It was a little too hard for my boys to build on their own, but they LOVED watching helping daddy build it. After you download the pattern and directions, all you need is some card stock paper, some colored pencils, a toothpick, scissors and glue. It turned out so cute! The boys pulled out their new Jamestown & Powhatan Indian toobs and the reenactments have begun!


  1. WOW. Looks awesome! Tell DH good job. Good job boys!!!

  2. That looks like so much fun!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. It looks like Daddy was having as much (If not MORE) fun as the boys.



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