Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Special Day.. for more than one reason!

Today, October 2nd, is the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels.

It is an extra special day at our home since it is also the Anniversary of our wedding, 8 years (and 5 kids) ago today!

I was just surprised with a beautiful arrangement of flowers that my husband had delivered... Don't you just love it when you have fresh flowers to decorate your kitchen table!

Anyways, the kids and I started out our afternoon of angelic activities with a couple books about angels:

The first book we read is a favorite around here. It was illustrated by a guy that was also at Christendom College during the year I spent there, Ben Hatke, and is titled Angel in the Waters. You can actually read the book online (if you don't own it) here.

We also read the selection for today from Catholic Mosaic, My Guardian Dear. It is a story about our Guardian Angels and tells of God's love in giving each of us an angel of our very own to guard and care for us.

After our story & discussion time, the kids sat down to do some coloring (a picture of angels attending Mass) and copy work (The Guardian Angel Prayer--of course).

Meanwhile I headed to the kitchen and baked a couple Angel Food Cake's, one for our tea time and the other for my husband & I after we get home from dinner. My mom graciously offered to watch our kids so we could go out for dinner, a rare treat indeed.

Every visible thing in this world is put in the charge of an angel.
-St. Augustine

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  1. Congratulations!!!

    I love this time of year too. I was just commenting to Hubby this moring about how I love sleeping with the sound of the rain. The smell, the soothing sound, and being all cozy in warm in bed. Well, it makes it hard to get up!! But it is very lovely.


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